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Калибратор переменного тока и напряжения LS3300


  • Высокая точность:                       
    • базовая погрешность по напряжению  ±0,035%,
    • базовая погрешность по току  ±0,045%.
  • Широкий частотный диапазон: от 40 Гц до 1200 Гц с погрешностью по частоте ± 0,01%.
  • Низкие искажения:                     
    • менее 0,07% для напряжения,
    • менее 0,18% для тока.
  • Высокая стабильность:

не более ± (0,002% от установленного значения + 0,003% от диапазона) за 1 час.

  • Возможность пошагового линейного изменения частоты, напряжения и тока

от 0% до 120% диапазона.

  • Возможность синхронной работы трех приборов для калибровки трехфазных измерителей мощности или получения больших выходных токов до 180А.
  • Один токовый выход для всех диапазонов.
  •  Интерфейс для связи с компьютером:
    • USB PC,
    • Ethernet RJ-45,
    • GP-IB.



от 10% до 120% диапазона

от 1% до 10% диапазона

50/60 Гц

40 … 400 Гц

0,4 … 1,2 кГц

50/60 Гц

40 … 400 Гц

0,4 … 1,2 кГц


1,00000 В

0,0003·U + 0,05 мВ

0,0005·U + 0,1 мВ

0,001·U + 0,2 мВ

80 мкВ

150 мкВ

300 мкВ

10,0000 В

0,0003·U + 0,5 мВ

0,0005·U + 1 мВ

0,001·U + 2 мВ

0,8 мВ

1,5 мВ

3,0 мВ

30,0000 В

0,0003·U + 1,5 мВ

0,0005·U + 3 мВ

0,001·U + 6 мВ

2,4 мВ

4,5 мВ

12 мВ

100,000 В

0,0003·U + 5 мВ

0,0005·U + 10 мВ

0,001·U + 20 мВ

8 мВ

15 мВ

30 мВ

300,000 В

0,0003·U + 15 мВ

0,0005·U + 30 мВ

0,001·U + 60 мВ

24 мВ

45 мВ

90 мВ

1000,0 В

0,0003·U + 50 мВ

0,0005·U + 0,1 В

0,001·U + 0,2 В

80 мВ

150 мВ

300 мВ



30,0000 мА

0,0004·I + 1,5 мкА

0,0006·I + 3 мкА

0,0012·I + 6 мкА

2,7 мкА

4,8 мкА

9,6 мкА

100,000 мA

0,0004·I + 5 мкА

0,0006·I + 10 мкА

0,0012·I + 20 мкА

9 мкА

16 мкА

32 мкА

1,00000 A

0,0004·I + 50 мкА

0,0006·I + 0,1 мА

0,0012·I + 0,2 мА

90 мкА

160 мкА

320 мкА

10,0000 A

0,0004·I + 0,5 мА

0,0006·I + 1 мА

0,0012·I + 2 мА

0,9 мА

1,6 мА

3,2 мА

50,00 A

0,0004·I + 2,5 мА

0,0006·I + 5 мА

0,0012·I + 10 мА

4,5 мА

8 мА

16 мА

Широкий диапазон генерируемых токов и напряжений

Напряжение переменного тока: от 10 мВ до 1250 В
Переменный ток: от 0,3 mA до 62,5 A
Частота: от 40 до 1200 Гц


Возможность испытания любого типа приборов для измерения мощности

Калибровка мощности одно и трехфазных измерителей.

Один калибратор LS3300 поддерживает калибровку однофазных устройств по двухпроводной схеме включения (1P2W), а несколько LS3300 позволят калибровать устройства однофазные трехпроводные (1P3W), трехфазные трехпроводные (3P3W) и и трехфазные четырехпроводные (3P4W) Можно калибровать следующие параметры переменный ток/напряжение, активную/реактивную мощьность, коэффициент мощности и фазовый угол.

LS3300 Wiring System Setting 1P2W

Выбор схемы подключения

LS3300 Current Value Setting 1P2W

Установка выходного тока

Синхронизация для  калибровки трехфазных устройств

Настройка и генерация трехфазной мощности

Multiple LS3300 AC Power Calibrators can be synchronized through BNC cables. The host can then connect all units to the master unit via a USB cable and adjust settings simultaneously through the master/slave communication. Users can set the values of voltage, current, power, power factor, wiring, and phase from the front panel of the master unit and view each phase in a phase chart in the LCD. Checking the output of each unit from the master unit during three-phase output is done by navigating to [CONFIG] > [Unit] key > menu.

LS3300 Example Of 1P3W And 3P3W

Example of 1P3W and 3P3W

LS3300 Example Of 3P3W

Example of 3P3W (three voltage three current) /3P4W

(1) Outputting balanced three-phase signals

In the case of balanced phase signals, when users modify settings on the master unit, values on the slave units are set accordingly. Synchronous communication allows output setting changes on the master unit to be migrated to the slave unit. If a fault such as an overload occurs in the slave unit, this information will be conveyed to the master unit, and  a shutdown of the output is initiated.

(2) Outputting unbalanced three-phase signals

In the case of unbalanced phase signals, users set the conditions of a balanced state for the slave units on the master unit. Then they change the phase setting into single phase and manually set conditions of the unbalanced phase state of each phase on the slave side.

On-Site calibration service

Other power calibration systems in the market utilize a master/slave interface where-in the slave units cannot be operated standalone for single phase output. Each LS3300, on the other hand, is capable of both independent single phase output, as well as synchronized three phase output. Its excellent portability enables feasible on- site calibration service.

Large current output up to 180 A

When users synchronize three units and connect their output in parallel, the system can output up to 180 A, when [Hi Current] is specified in the Wiring menu. LS3300 supports devices requiring large current such as a current sensor, smart meter, etc.

LS3300 Current Output To 180A



Support calibration of shunts and DC inputs

Diversification of the calibration equipment by AUX output

A large current sensor used for industrial equipment and a clamp-on power meter used to monitor energy-saving are widely used in the power measurement market. When a clamp-on power meter unit or external current sensor input (voltage output) is calibrated, an AUX terminal is used. The voltage output range of the auxiliary output is  0 to 6.25 V.
Users can select either the 500 mV or 5 V range according to the range of a current sensor input.

LS3300 Diversification By AUX Output

Endless array of features to simplify calibration of power measurement devices

LCD for enhanced viewing capabilities

The LS3300 is equipped with a 5.7-inch color LCD. It shows the wiring and power settings, as well as the phase chart of the generated waveforms, allowing users to quickly and easily view the instrument settings (as seen below). Users are also able to view the unit information such as the serial number, firmware version information, and communication settings in the UTILITY menu.
The values of voltage, current, active power and reactive power specified according to the level, level ratio and power factor are displayed as output values.

LS3300 LCD For Enhanced Viewing

Reduced calibration times

(1) Notification of output stabilization

To improve working efficiency, the LS3300 is equipped with a function for notifying the user that the output is stable. When the STABILIZING indicator disappears from the LCD (two seconds later), it means that the output has stabilized. This reduces time spent working with transient signals that affect measurement accuracy.

LS3300 Stabilizing Indication

Safety features during calibration

(1) High voltage notification

This function notifies users of dangerous high voltage conditions when using high voltage ranges (300 or 1000 V). When the voltage output is set to 150 V or higher, the device beeps intermittently to notify users.

LS3300 High Voltage Notification

(2) Trip detection

If a connected  load  causes the output range to be exceeded, the Yokogawa LS3300 detects the abnormal load conditions to protect itself. This function monitors the error of overcurrent, overvoltage, oscillation, fan malfunction and temperature.

(3) LINE synchronization

The output frequency of this product can be synchronized with commercial power frequency. This feature is useful in verifying interferences from the power source.

(4) Calibration software

The LS3300 calibration software allows a user to automatically run through the quality inspection standards tests for WT series power meters, as well as generate a report indicating PASS/FAIL, tolerance levels, and percentage error

Support for all commonly used communication interfaces

Communication interface

The LS3300 AC Power Calibrator is equipped with USB, Ethernet and GP-IB as standard communication interface to control external devices remotely.

LS3300 Communication Interface


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